Chanel Boy Bag - A story of love [Explained]

The young Coco fell for this English polo player nicknamed “Boy” and followed him to Paris. Boy lent Chanel the funds to open her very first shop called "Chanel Modes" at 21 rue Cambon. All the socialites throw themselves on her elegant hats.

Chanel shop rue cambon

The story of Chanel can begin

Despite their passionate love story and due to the modest origins of Chanel, Boy ended up marrying an Englishwoman to meet the demands that his status as an aristocrat imposed on him. Humiliated, Gabrielle Chanel accepts the situation and their relationship continued despite everything ... Until the terrible car accident of which Boy is victim in 1919.

Affected by the loss of her lover, Gabrielle gives herself heart and soul in her work so as not to sink into sorrow. A spirit of hard work and resilience that she will keep forever. 

The birth of the Chanel boy bag - an iconic Chanel Bag  

In 2010, Karl Lagerfeld, who joined Chanel in 1983, found in the archives a cartridge pouch, a sort of bag used for storing ammunition during hunting. At the time of Coco Chanel's equestrian trips with her lover, she used this bag as a handbag. The fashion Kaiser was inspired by this and gave birth to this bag recognizable by its metal clasp and thick chain.

In tribute to Chanel's great love, he baptized him “Boy”. For his first advertising campaign, Karl Lagerfeld had the British model Alice Dellal pose in a stable. A nod to Coco and Boy's horse treks. Sometimes quilted, braided or even PVC, the Boy is available each season in new formats and colors. 

Chanel boy bag

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