The Lady Dior bag , a royal story [Explained]

The Lady Dior bag, a legendary bag 

Lady Dior Bag

In reality, this couture-inspired bag, replicate the caning of the Napoleon III chairs that the Monsieur Dior loved so much.The Lady Dior was born a year earlier in the workshops of the house, under the code name "Chouchou".

In tribute to Princess Diana it he will be renamed the 'Lady Dior'.

The Lady Dior spirit

Since its birth, the spirit of Lady Dior has remained the same, building its identity around codes intrinsically linked to the history of the house. In addition to the caning topstitching, the charms covered with fine gold and suspended from one of the handles add to the elegance of this accessory, whose different sizes and colours adapt to trends and trends.

Since 2008, the iconic bag has been represented year after year by Marion Cotillard, a faithful muse of the house and the embodiment of Parisian elegance.

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Lady Dior bag

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